sábado, 12 de septiembre de 2009


"SUDOR - These Spanish punks had their demo reviewed it these pages a few issues back, and now they've sent us an excellent live tape, entitled Hardcore es Punk Radical. I just want to start noting the awesome, surrealistic cover art, beautifully deranged color images of demonic punks. You'll have to see for yourself. Heading on to the music, we have fifteen frantic songs of thrashing hardcore punk, with strong influences from HHH and early '80s UK and US hardcore. For a live tape the sound is amazing, you can hear everything clearly in the mix. I'm looking forward to a vinyl release from these folks, hopefully that wait won't be too long. (xYosefx)".
Maximum Rocknroll # 317 October 09, The Queer Issue.

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ibonrg dijo...

queremos vinilo de sudor, yaaaa

FO JO dijo...

¡Hola, Jose!
¿Cómo va?
Yo, atrapadísimo con el proyecto del caca-máster. Pronto estaré libre, ya te daré un toque.

¿Te queda algún Image Sucreé?
También quería Sudor.

¡Hablamos con calma!

capitalicide dijo...

i want top hear this cassette. is there mp3s??


afeitaperros dijo...

I'm sorry, but there's no mp3 (I haven't got a computer to digitalize it!).