sábado, 20 de abril de 2013


Dan (Total Control-fanzine Distort), uno de los mejores escritores de rock'n'roll de la actualidad (escuela Lester Bangs), tiene un blog de reseñas de cintas en la que aparece una de la cinta "Madrid Gernika" de Humor Vítreo:

Humor Vitreo Madrid Gernika
An unsettling cassette of improvised noise titled Madrid Gernika, a tribute to Esplendor Geometrico’s Madrid Tolosa. Before I was educated in the genesis of the title, Madrid Gernika held provocative associations: the two cities, the Picasso painting, butchery. These associations were enriched by the apparent menace behind the compositions, brooding in a sedate throb and pulse, swelling into abrasive grating, always engaging. The minimal packaging announces the band name with “discmans y CDs”, which may indicate their materials, or it may indicate some inscrutable Spanish humour.


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